UNIMA FINLAND          REPORT 2016-2017  
The office of UNIMA Finland is in the Cultural Centre Vernissa in the city of Vantaa, 30 minutes’ drive from the capital city Helsinki. The part-time secretary’s temporary agreement has been regularised. 

Unima Finland has about 200 members, individuals, students and companies

Finnish Puppetry Day
UNIMA Finland celebrates the Finnish Puppetry Day on the 11th of February. According to a tradition, the Declaration of National Puppetry Day is written and announced by a person or a group, having remarkably developed Finnish puppetry and having thus received the Finnish UNIMA’s annual Puppetry Award. In 2017, the award was given to Satuteatteri Punahilkka (Theatre Little Red Riding Hood) for its 35 years high-level work on the field of amateur puppetry.
Finland 100 Years: Showcase of Finnish Puppetry 2017
Among about 5000 projects, the Finnish UNIMA’s festival Showcase of Finnish Puppetry received the status of being a part of the official Finland 100 Years jubilee programme. The projects and their events created the widest jubilee programme ever built in Finland on six continents and in over a hundred countries.
The Showcase festival was held in the Cultural Centre Vernissa (Vantaa). Its 12th edition on the 6th-7th October 2017 consisted of 10 Finnish puppet shows performed. In addition, the programme included a puppet exhibition, a workshop on puppet making, a presentation of a Finland 100 Years community puppet art project, animated films and street performances.  The festival also facilitated an event in which a theatre director Kirsi Siren and a puppet theatre artist Leila Peltonen were honoured by UNIMA Asia-Pacific Commission for their long-lasting work in the art of puppetry.
Katsos! Charleville-Mézières
As part of its Finland 100 Years project, UNIMA Finland supported the realisation of KATSOS! – the showcase of Finnish puppetry in Charleville-Mézières, France. The showcase, consisting of eight Finnish shows and 26 performances, was included in the main program of the festival.
Power of Object Expression – seminar
UNIMA Finland participated in organising a seminar for discussing object theatre, focusing on both artistic and applied contexts of object expression for adults.   The seminar was held in 2017 and the main organiser was the Art Promotion Centre Finland.

UNIMA Finland publishes a magazine Nukketeatteri (Puppet Theatre) twice a year. Nukketeatteri is a member of The Association for Cultural, Scientific and Advocacy Magazines and is financially supported by Ministry of Education and Culture. For the members of Finnish UNIMA, the magazine is included in the membership fee. Moreover, complimentary copies are regularly posted to decision-makers in the field of culture and to the stakeholders of UNIMA Finland.  Since 2016, the issues of Nukketeatteri include articles not only in Finnish but also in English and are available for al in the internet: http://unima.biz/publications.html
UNIMA Finland on Facebook: www.facebook.com/UNIMAfinland
Web pages www.unima.fi.

The 4-year degree of puppet theatre at Arts Academy Turku /University of Applied Sciences was closed in 2015. Students of theatre can still include courses on puppetry in their curriculum. It’s also possible to accomplish vocational examination in either puppetry education or puppet building. To complete this competence-based qualification, candidates must demonstrate certain skills and competence required in the profession. These skills are outlined in the Requirements of Competence-based Qualifications defined by the Finnish National Board of Education.
In 2017, UNIMA Finland organised two short courses focusing on puppet building.  On its web pages, UNIMA Finland admins a record of artists and companies that organise courses in puppetry.

In its general assembly 2015, UNIMA Finland appointed three councillors for the term 2016-2020. The councillors are Ms Johanna Salo from Lapland, Ms Katriina Andrianov from Western Finland and Mr Aapo Repo from Eastern Finland.
UNIMA Finland is a member of NEECPA - The Northern and Eastern European Centre for Puppet Arts, a cooperation network of Northern and Eastern European puppet theatres and organizations (founded in 2011).
In 2016-17, UNIMA Finland created a directory of Nordic puppeteers and a net portal www.nordpu.net for collecting information on both actors and activities in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Iceland and Finland. The objective of this project is to create a Nordic network for collaboration and for developing the professional puppeteers’ visibility and employment.

UNIMA Finland’s incomes consist of grants, membership fees, ticket sales and magazine subscriptions. In 2016-2017 the membership fees were 30 €, 15 € (student) and 120 € (company). Support of the state is vital. 

In 2009, a Puppetry guild was established within the Trade Union for Theatre and Media Finland. Since then, UNIMA Finland have organized annual guild gatherings for discussing the present state of puppeteers’ working conditions and salaries. In 2017, the focus was on creating a unified employment contract. 

Contact information:
UNIMA Finland, Tikkurilantie 36, 01300 Vantaa, FINLAND
Tel.  +358 46 811 4024